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Seismic aka Rinaldo is a Dj and Producer from Switzerland.

His first contact with psychadelic music was in 2006, after a friend introduced him to the genere, he was instantly infected.

During the next two years he enjoyed psytrance more and more and fell in love with the sound and the scene.

In 2009 he started building his skills set as a DJ. He enjoyed learning more about the technics and the sound, but his dream was to produce music in his own style and to be able to realize his visions.

So he started building a little Homestudio in a appartement, that he used to produdce his sound and practice mixing.

To give him and his Dj friends a platform, they joined together in 2010 to create a partylabel.

After a few years, it was time to do the whole thing professionally, and in 2016, we started an offical music-label called Retromaniac Records.

Meanwhile, we run a professional studio, with production/mixing studio, dj-booth and a little recording room.